Why do I need one?

Remote starters add everyday convenience to your vehicle. Having one installed will ensure your car is warmed up and ready to go without ever having to step outside. Since it is recommended you "warm up" your vehicle before driving, remote starters reduce the strain on your engine. Remote starters are operated by a key-fob remote control that communicates with your vehicle while it remains safe and locked. Most solutions offer visual confirmation such as flashing the headlights to let you know the car has started. Basic features also include safety switches for the brake that will kill the engine if pressed as well as a hood switch if the hood is opened.

Will it work with my Vehicle?

Newer technology has allowed remote starters, keyless entry, and security systems to be added to nearly every vehicle. In the past these were limited to fuel injected automatic, however most solutions can be installed in manual transmission vehicles as well. Neutral safety switches are available for manual transmission vehicles that require the parking brake to be set and the transmission set to neutral. If either precaution is not in place it will not allow the vehicle to start. Steps when leaving the vehicle: Set parking brake, put vehicle in neutral, remove key. Once all doors are closed the engine will shut down and lock/engage alarm if you have keyless entry/security installed as well.

We also install packages in older vehicles and vehicles with anti-theft features like "chips" in the key or ignition. This may require one or more bypass modules. This integration module allows the car into seeing the correct key or code to operate without the physical key. We can also install to diesel vehicles and push-button start vehicles.

What to look for when shopping

When buying a remote start or security system there are many packages available. Ensure you get the package that most fits your needs. Many consider range to be the most important factor; you want it to work from a good distance after all. There are also many other features that can be added to your installation to offer tailored convenience and peace of mind. Basic features include visual indication (flashing lights), door lock and unlock, and power trunk open.

Most solutions are under warranty for as long as you own the vehicle, and installation of remote start or security systems do not void your car warranty if done professionally. Self-installation can lead to thousands of dollars in damage and void your car warranty if not done correctly. It is a complicated process and we are experts with our solutions. Key-fob remotes are usually under warranty for 1-2 years depending on the model.

How much range do I need?

Range is one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a remote start or security package. Most factory keyless entry and alarm systems have very limited range. While you may park regularly in a garage or driveway close to your home, there are many other places where you may want your system to work away from home. Out for dinner? Need to locate your car in a large parking lot like an airport or shopping mall? How about checking your car status inside the movie theater or sports game?

Range is also one of the key features you would rather have more than not enough. This will prevent you from coming back to a cold/hot car on those extreme days. Usually range varies between 1000 ft. to a mile. Also if you have a 2-way remote system you want to ensure that you get feedback when away from your vehicle.

Interference is also something to consider. While range is listed on the packaging, that is not taking interference or any other obstacles into consideration. In real-life scenarios this distance will be reduced depending on your surroundings. Most of the time you will have some sort of obstacles in your way such as buildings, windows, walls, power lines, other electronics, motors, some forms of lighting, or other radio frequency (RF) interference. This is where range and transmission power become most important. Generally, it is not much more expensive to get a longer range system. Let's face it, you want to ensure it works.

Mobile Phone Control

Now you can remote start, lock and unlock your car from virtually anywhere just by pushing a button on your smartphone. Viper Smart Start Systems give you almost unlimited range, and added vehicle safety features, providing an entirely new level of 2-way interaction with your vehicle.

Remote Start Your Car

If your car is too cold in the Winter or too hot in the Summer? SmartStart is the perfect solution! Remote start your car from the comfort of your home or office.

Lock and Unlock Your Car

Tired of fumbling for keys? Family member locked out of their car? SmartStart mobile phone systems allow you to remotely unlock and lock your vehicle right from your smartphone.

Locate and Track Your Car

Locate and track your car, and receive alerts when your vehicle reaches a certain speed or enters or leaves a designated area, excellent for teenage drivers.

Avaliable options for our remote start & security systems

Here is a list of available features & options that you can include with your purchase. Some of these are vehicle
dependant & some are even included within our packages. Contact us for more details.

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